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What are some of the main complications?

At Total Medical Supply foley catheter is amongst the most general health problems usually found in elders includes back sores and aches, arthritis, osteoporosis and various urinary predicaments like prostate enlargement, incontinence, etc. Different medications are available that may help you to curb this problem. However, catheterization using Foley catheter is from one of these treatments that are adopted and recommended for the patients afflicted with urinary problems by Total Medical.

Urinary incontinence  can be found at and is such a severe problem that along with physical problem it causes mental stress as well. No matter how low or bad the leakage, the fear of getting humiliated in front of others can easily make a person feel annoyed and frustrated. Such thinking does not contribute towards the betterment. In fact, it plays its role in making the situation worse. When your mental attitude is contrary, it will have an adverse impact on your entire life. Therefore, in this delicate situation, you have to train your mind to think positively because this is the only means you can improve the situation in your favor. By going to which is a website that will show you the ins and outs when it comes to training the mind and some supplies to help with it all.

Well, by thinking positively you can take less stress, but you still need them to treat the problem. It is known to be a powerful remedy as it is used and liked by those affected by urinary incontinence. When you use this product, you feel at ease that this problem will not embarrass you in front of others. By using these catheters, you can take care of the leakage in a courteous and efficient manner. So, you will reduce the chances of people discovering that you are suffering from this problem. To read more on these instruments click here.

The insertion of a foley catheter







Remember, this product must be used according to the provided guidelines. If you are confused, then it’s best to discuss with your doctor first or call us. You don’t want to do something wrong when you use it. Well, it’s not so tough to use anyway. By following the guidance carefully, you will be able to put it to use quickly and securely according to

When you use this product, your perception will change. You will begin to think positively. See, you were thinking negatively before because there wasn’t any viable solution to this problem in front of you. Now, as you know that there is a proven solution known as Foley Catheters and by using it you can have control over the leakage, you will automatically feel relieved. This will allow you to look at the world from a different perspective. Now, those people who are not suffering from this problem can’t imagine how it is and how it feels when you feel relaxed.

The indwelling catheter can give you the security that you are looking for and change your perception. You would start thinking positively; you kept negativity before because there was no solution available to you but now you will feel relaxed and relieved since these are the attributes of this excellent product. Total Medical Supply as a company has a great team in place to help with the comfort of maybe feeling embarrassed about certain situations. Find out more at Foley Catheter total Medical Supply.

Those people who have not used this product to control their incontinence problem cannot imagine how it feels when you attain relaxation. Using a On a daily is not very difficult but requires you to be careful while making use of it. On the other side, it is very crucial that you have discussed with your doctor about your condition and situation before you begin to make use of this piece of medical equipment to control your incontinence. Since the doctor can guide you best with different severity, you will be able to avoid any complications. You can visit this website for more information on this subject

How to properly insert a Foley Catheter for men.

So, the catheters are being demanded very much and getting popular among the people who are suffering from incontinence. This video shows you how to properly insert one. On the other side plenty of information about these type of supplies and is also available on the internet which can guide you on how to appropriately get benefit from this wonderful instrument that brings comfort to your life and boost your confidence level to enable you to lead your life in a sound and normal manner. Thus, they can certainly help you make your life better.

Also called suprapubic catheter, these are considered to be the best products used to collect and drain urine from the bladder. Made from either plastic or rubber, these catheters are easily available in the market. This product is equally important for man and women and intensity of the incontinence tells what catheter size and what period it should be used for.

The patient during the self-catheterization process shall take extra care when using a suprapubic catheter to avoid various complication. A few complications that may arise if indwelling catheters are used absurdly includes bladder stones, urethral injury, hematuria, Skin Disorder, Kidney disorder.

In addition to all above, it is something that is helping plenty of victims suffering from incontinence. One of the most liked gadget to control incontinence as this product knows how to take care of the incontinence and keep the patient away from any worries

Precautionary Measure in the use of this type of catheter: The only conceivable risk associated with the use of a this type is the breakage of the balloon (at the tip end of the catheter) while inserting the same into the urethra. Care needs to be exercised in inflating the balloon (with sterile water) only after the catheter is accurately in place at the neck of the bladder — and in no case earlier than that — because rupture caused by the breakage of the balloon in the urethra can cause serious consequences for the patient.

So, if you are suffering from urinary incontinence and you want to take care of this problem quietly and more efficiently, then I suggest that you talk to your doctor about them. It will help you make your life better. You could also contact a great medical supply company and they will help answer any questions you may have or check this out or go to

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